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#popfem 2 

#popfem explores the ultraconservative, right-wing, pro-life, anti-feminist and misogynistic side of YouTube videos and transforms them into their opposites. Using the same kind of manipulative processes as in the first version of popfem, popfem 2 juxtaposes high-profile confirmation hearings for the two Supreme Court Justice nominees: Clarence Thomas (1991) and Brett Kavanaugh (2018), in which both of them were accused of sexual misconduct and sexual assault by Anita Hill (1991) and Christine Blasey Ford (2018).


RYV / Raise Your Voice Installation, Workshops and Meetups

Raise Your Voice is a project that lasted from October 2017 – February 2018 and juxtaposed two very different worlds and cultures. Finding common ground through [new] music and art as a universal language was the starting point of this project.
Kurdish women who had to flee their respective homeland due to the horrific circumstances caused by war, are currently living in Stuttgart and have joined us on this exploration of sound, movement, installation and performative games thereby creating a safe creative space for all of us, where cultural differences became invisible and diverse creative input became the artistic credo.
The final presentation of our collective work has been presented on 9th February 2018 in Theaterhaus Stuttgart in a form of a 3-room-installation. You can read the concept below:


Neue Vocalsolisten
Fadia, Siham, Evin, Sadia, Awaz, Shirin, Dalil
Christoph Wehr, actor and theater pedagogue
Sara Glojnarić, installation concept





Sara Glojnaric & Binha Haase: #popfem (2016-2017)

#popfem explores the ultraconservative, right-wing, pro-life, anti-feministic and misogynistic side of YouTube videos and transforms them into their opposites. We took videos, that were strongly based in hate, misunderstanding/misinformation, as well as phobias of all types, and manipulated them into reciting texts about topics we find relevant for [western] women today (abortion rights, rape culture and hashtag feminism, internalized misogyny). Essentially, we are using the same mechanisms as all of our protagonists do – taking information out of context, presenting them in a specific way, under specific conditions, in order to prove ideological legitimacy.


Confession Box (smell installation)




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“Confession Box” is an installation that explores layers of intimacy through a multi sensory interactive experience put into 4 confession boxes, all triggered by 5 smells of my choice. Those synthetically (re)created smells are the primary material and the focal point of the entire installation, therefore having substantial significance on both performative, as well as conceptual level. “Confession Box” examines the physicality of scents, the intimate links they (re)create, and the numerous processes happening simultaneously once we are triggered by them. 

You can read more about this project on the link below. Documentation coming soon!

Confession Box Final text