NEWS! I am one of three winners of the composition competition organised by Deutsche Oper Berlin and Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin. Congrats to Sergej Kim and Lorenzo Troiani! https://deutscheoperberlin.de/en_EN/die-gewinner-neue-szenen-v


April 1st – April 6th 2020 – residency in Mallorca, with Neus Estarellas and Takao Hyakutome

May 5th, May 7th 2020 – new piece for E-MEX Ensemble and video, in Lutherkirche Köln and Kreuzeskirche Essen

May 7th 2020 – new piece for piano, violin and tape, performed by Neus Estarellas (piano), Takao Hyakutome (violin), Ángel Faraldo (electronics) in Barcelona / other performances on: May 9th in Flix, May 11th in Perpignan and May 16th in Mallorca

May 15th 2020 – new piece for piano and video, performed by Magdalena Cerezo Falces at Südseite Nachts, Theaterhaus Stuttgart

June 19th 2020sugarcoating #2 at Ensemblehaus Freiburg, performed by ensemble recherche

July 2020 – new piece for Ensemble Adapter and video, Centralstation Darmstadt, Darmstädter Ferienkurse

August 2020 – residency at Casa Orfeo in Positano, Italy with ensemble mosaik

October 3rd 2020 – portrait concert in Elisabethkirche Berlin, ensemble mosaik

January – December 2021 – work in progress with ensemble recherche on the topic of gentrification. Together with Hannes Seidl, Annesley Black, Charles Kwong, Bastian Zimmeran, Wimmelforschung and Isabel Zintl

April 2021 – premiere of my new chamber opera in Tischlerei Deutsche Oper Berlin (libretto: Dorian Brunz)

April 2021 – premiere of my first opera Im Stein (AT) in Oper Halle. Author of the book and libretto is Clemens Meyer, staging by Michael v. zur Mühlen, conducted by Michael Wendeberg.

May 2021 – new piece for Ensemble Decoder at Music Biennale Zagreb

January 2022 – showing of our work on the gentrification project with ensemble recherche at Ultraschall Festival Berlin

January 2022 – premiere of the new version of BSIDE Tschai for orchestra, Ultraschall Festival Berlin


January 16th (premiere in Bremen), 2020 – sound for Banana Island, a performance by Apokalyptische Tänzer*innen @ Schwankhalle Bremen

December 13th 2019Artefacts 3 (dubbese) for AAA-AAA for two e-guitars and video, Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg, 20h

November 26th (premiere in Stuttgart), 27th, 28th 2019 – sound for Banana Island, a performance by Apokalyptische Tänzer*innen @ Theater Rampe, Stuttgart

September 24th (premiere), 26th, 27th, 28th 2019 – PRAY. CHUCK. COME HITHER chamber opera at the Taschenoperfestival Salzburg, with Thierry Brühl and OENM Ensemble, conducted by Peter Rundel

June 2019 – sound for Following Mo – interactive walk through Stuttgart as seen by Mo, a 9 year-old boy. with Apokalyptische Tänzer*innen, Stuttgart

May 12th 2019Artefacts #2 for Sarah Maria Sun & Dirk RothbrustWittener Tage für neue Kammermusik 

April 27th 2019 – screening of #popfem at EMAF – European Media Art Festival in Osnabrück in Lagerhalle, starting at 14:00h

April 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10h 2019 – performances of a puppet theatre play Žabica Kraljica @ Music Biennale Zagreb

March 15th 2019 – sugarcoating #2 @ Philharmonie Luxembourg, performed by Trio Catch

February – March 2019comm.unique project – curating ECLAT Festival’s Instagram account together with Malte Giesen, Maria Kalesnikava and URBAN PROPAGANDA Stuttgart

February 14th 2019 – AHC 1 for 4 performers with glasses @ Don’t Try #nopera

January 19th 2019 – premiere of Artefacts, for 6 vocal soloists, tape and video, Neue Vocalsolisten at Ultraschall Festival Berlin

December 15th 2018 – Aural Apparati, installations, videos with Perspektiven Box and Philipp Krebs, Kunstraum 34 Stuttgart

November 23rd 2018sugarcoating #2 @ Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival performed by Mimitabu (Heather Roche, clarinet / My Hellgren, cello / Jonas Olsson, piano)

November 9th 2018sugarcoating #2 with Festival Ensemble (Mia Elezović, Smiljan Mrčela, Bruno Philipp) at Glazbena tribina Opatija Festival in Opatija, Croatia

November 2nd and November 3rd 2018sugarcoating with Landesjugendensemble Ba-Wü and Christof M. Löser in Friedrichshafen (19h, Kiesel im k42, Karlstrasse 42, Friedrischshafen) and Mannheim (18h, Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen Mannheim, C 5, Museum Zeughaus)

October 26th – November 3rd 2018 – workshops & sugarcoating for ensemble played by Landesjugendensemble, conducted by Christof M. Löser

October 3rd 2018 – sugarcoating #2 @ GAS Festival Gothenburg (Atalante Venue) performed by Mimitabu (Heather Roche, clarinet / My Hellgren, cello / Jonas Olsson, piano)

September 21st 2018 – sugarcoating #2 @ Festival TACEC La Plata, Argentina, performed by Trio Catch

July 2018 – Workshop “Discontinuity” w/ Michael Maierhof at Darmstadt Summer Course – http://internationales-musikinstitut.de/en/ferienkurse/kurse/discontinuity/

April 2018 –  06./09./10./11.04.Forever Apocalyptic in Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart, a project with Jasmin Schädler, Calendal Klose, Mona Louisa-Melinka Hempel

– 15. 4. – sugarcoating #2 performed by Mimitabu in Hagakyrkan

Gothenburg, Sweden

Oct 2017 – Feb 2018 – RAISE YOUR VOICE Project with Neue Vocalsolisten (Theaterhaus)

02. – 04.02. 2018 – sugarcoating #2 for Trio CatchECLAT Stuttgart

18.11.2017#popfem screening @ Sinelinea Festival in Zagreb, Croatia

29. 08. & 31.08. 2017sugarcoating #2 for Trio Catch @ Novalis Music + Art Festival in Zadar and Zagreb, Croatia (https://www.facebook.com/events/1938870853034546/)

21. – 28.08. 2017 – lectures, improvisation, concerts and screening of my video work #popfem @ Kyung-Hee University in Seoul, South Korea, alongside duo AAA—AAA, Perspektiven Box (Julian Siffert & Uikyung Lee), Philipp Krebs and Adrian Laugsch

23. – 25. 06. 2017 – screening of #popfem @ Acting In Concert Festival, Witten (Germany)

03. 06. 2017 Sugarcoating, ensemble piece – performed by Ensemble Musikfabrik @ the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart // conductor: Christof M Löser


22. 4. – 25.4.2017 –  opening of 29th Music Biennale Zagreb – Puppet play Žabica kraljica (Frog the Queen) // director: Rene Medvešek / Josip Konfic, percussion / Sanja Vrsalović, piano / Marija Lešaja, soprano / Gustav Barišin, double-bass